Boxes of Hope

Boxes of Hope is a tangible way for us to stretch out a hand to those that are affected either through illness, quarantine, or just the uncertainty of this time. The world all around us may change, but God’s love remains the same, and this is the hope that we have to share.

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Projected Community Classes Spring of 2022

Tuesday: English Second language (6-8PM)
Wednesday: Computer training (1-3PM & 6-8PM)

Saturday- Resume writing & Microsoft office training 9am-12noon & 5pm to 7pm
Sunday- Parenting & Budgeting classes 6pm-8pm
Weekly after school classes : Tuesday-Friday 3pm-6pm (Seasonal)


Our heart is to come alongside of our local schools to support our parents, students, principles, PTA's and teachers as they develop the hearts and minds of the next generation. We do this by providing breakfast for teachers and school staff, we also assist principles by alleviating the tangible needs of their families. We provide Backpacks, Winter Coats, socks & hats to families.

Our goal to provide love and support to those who teach or those who are in need. 

Our Location

310 Ruthar Dr. Units 9-10-11

(In the Back)

Newark, DE 19711