Our Leadership

Rev. Chris Dito

Founder | President

Rev. Dito's passion for community outreach has been evident in his life since 9/11, when his family and community were greatly impacted by that national tragedy. Since then, he's organized community outreaches during Hurricane Katrina, Irene and most notably-Hurricane Sandy. His heart has always been to launch a

"Dream Center" whereas the entire community can come together to care for, love, help and support one another. The Pandemic of COVID19 has certainly catapulted that vision to be a reality.

Matt Morrison - Executive Director

As founder and president of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Missions for Life, Matt has coordinated and conducted multiple international medical and humanitarian short-term mission trips from the United States into central Mexico. Through private grant applications, multiple social media platforms, and in-person fundraising efforts, Matt has provided leadership in the design and implementation of primary healthcare programs into +80 rural communities to help the adult indigenous population achieve improved health outcomes from NCDs and pediatric nutritional supplementation.

For more than ten years, Matt has been a certified registered nurse and supervisor on the front lines of a pediatric level one trauma center with a demonstrated history of managing all required staff and resources to efficiently operate a Lantern Awarded and designated Magnet hospital's emergency department.

As a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Matt is currently utilizing his talents to build another wonderful non-profit organization, the Delaware Regional Dream Center. Helping family‚Äôs post-pandemic to rebuild through food pantry donations and socioeconomic training programs. Establishing a community center as a beacon of light, a house of Hope in a world of pain.     

Board of Directors

  • Bob Phillips

  • Dave Tiberi

  • Nandi Randolph

  • Wayne Thorp

  • Jennifer Morrison

  • Ricardo Delfi